Daniel Kids

Pre-Conference Institutes

P1 (Adult)
Developing  A Comprehensive Transition System Of Care For Older Youth
Spend a day with one of the highly respected veterans in the field of independent living. Learn how to develop a continuum of successful independent living services from pre-independent living preparation for foster youth to a variety of living arrangement options for teens going out on their own. Mark Kroner has been passionately involved in the Independent and Transitional Living fields for over 30 years as a 21 year program director, life skills trainer, national advocate, researcher and consultant. He has trained thousands of professionals nationwide and will share his ideas on training, housing, funding, permanency outcomes and getting the whole system involved. If you are starting an independent living program or are looking for ways to enhance your existing program, then this institute is for you. Presented by:  Mark Kroner

P2 (Mixed)
2021 Generation-Z Mental Health Check-in and Check-up
Generation Z is growing up during some of the most unprecedented times. While their generation is known for being digital natives, they are also known for high numbers of anxiety and depression. This workshop will help attendees understand the difference between mental health and mental illness along with understanding trauma and how it can have long-lasting health impacts. The workshop will give attendees the ability to express how the Covid 2020 pandemic has impacted them and the world around them. The workshop is very interactive.  Facilitated by: Dolores King

P3 (Youth)
To Infinity and Beyond!
This workshop is full of Excitement, Adventure, Exploration, Empowerment and Problem solving.
Join us as you “REACH FOR THE SKY.”  
NOTE:  This workshop will be held off-property.  Attendees will meet in the designated space and then be transported to the event.
Facilitated by: Stacia Burlingame, Doris Edelmann and Julie Pennington