Daniel Kids

Pre-Conference Institutes

(P1) Developing a Comprehensive Transition System of Care for Older Youth:  Spend a day with one of the highly respected veterans in the field of independent living. Learn how to develop a continuum of successful independent living services from pre-independent living preparation for foster youth to a variety of living arrangement options for teens going out on their own. Mark Kroner has been passionately involved in the Independent and Transitional Living fields for over 30 years as a 21 year program director, life skills trainer, national advocate, researcher and consultant. He has trained thousands of professionals nationwide and will share his ideas on training, housing, funding, permanency outcomes and getting the whole system involved. If you are starting an independent living program or are looking for ways to enhance your existing program, then this institute is for you.
(P2) The Cost of Caring-Secondary Trauma and Burnout:  Parenting and working with children/youth with trauma histories is rewarding, difficult and demanding all at the same time. Foster Care, Kinship and Adoption bring new experiences and challenges which may affect the child/youth in care, the entire family system as well as those tasked with providing high quality trauma informed services and support. This training will address the Cost of Caring and how to effectively manage secondary trauma in order to protect ourselves from burnout. Come practice how to keep other people’s chaos from becoming your own chaos!
(P3) Circles of Safety: Integrating Sexual Abuse Prevention into Professional Care:  Substitute care professionals who provide safety to children who’ve experienced trauma are trained in crisis management, including how to respond to children and youth’s sexually reactive and at-risk behaviors. What is often overlooked is the need for training in key strategies to prevent new sexual abuse, and to support healthy and normative sexual development. Stop It Now! provides professional care and treatment providers with training and support to practice prevention tasks, while shifting their organization to a culture of prevention through the Circles of Safety training. This workshop will demonstrate how sexual abuse prevention training can build the confidence and knowledge necessary to take protective steps before sexual abuse happens.
(P4) Leaders Rise UP!
Increased complexity and decreasing resources demand improved capabilities. We need courageous leaders who navigate through today’s challenges, foster innovation and build trauma sensitive organizations through which both client and staff thrive. Research shows that the measurable and learnable skills of Emotional Intelligence, EQ, in leaders produce increased effectiveness, retention, organizational climate and bottom line. Organizations change when their people change. A good leader knows how to help everyone feel that they make a tangible difference to the success of the organization.
(P5 – Youth) “Picture” this!: Join other members of a team as you “scavenge” through life’s many adventures, exploring a whole new world. This experience will promote teamwork and bonding as you find interesting things and capture memories by using a camera.