Daniel Kids

Community Based Services

Daniel also offers an array of community-based services for children and families that need our help but don’t require the intensive treatment that they would receive in our residential services program. Our community-based programs provide services for children and adults who have been diagnosed with mild to severe mental health disorders. For our children, our program strongly relies on parent/guardian participation. WRAP coordinators are available to the families to provide additional support.

Juvenile Justice Prevention Services

In partnership with the Kids Hope Alliance and the Jacksonville Journey, the Journey to Success program provides comprehensive case management, life skills instruction, and academic support for students facing risk factors for criminal justice involvement, such as truancy, poor academic performance, and excessive conduct violations.  Our trauma-informed approach focuses on school engagement and parent involvement as the primary means by which to develop healthy, motivated, productive students.  The program is offered for students attending William M. Raines and Jean Ribault High and Middle schools.

Contact: For more information regarding this program, please contact the Daniel Admissions team at 296-1055 extension 2340, or via email at [email protected].

Mental Health and Case Management Services (Out-Patient)

For children and adolescents struggling with mental health disorders affecting the ability to thrive, Daniel offers numerous community-based treatment services, including mental health and substance abuse counseling, psychiatry, and case management. The primary approach to service delivery is the application of a variety of evidenced-based, trauma-focused clinical interventions that address the “whole child.” Services necessarily address all facets of their lives and family inclusion is a vital component. The agency also offers infant mental health services, an innovative modality that helps parents pave the way for healthy, resilient children through development of appropriate parenting strategies and nurturing, loving interactions during the most critical developmental period, age birth to five.

To strengthen the mental wellness of the whole family as a means to improve outcomes for children, all services are coordinated using the holistic, evidenced-based “High Fidelity Wrap-Around” approach. Through a team-based planning and implementation process, the model is extremely effective at empowering parents to adopt the coping and problem-solving skills necessary to best help their children. The model requires identification of root causes for child and family problems so that a highly customized plan of care can be developed with feasible, realistic goals. Our highly-trained case managers work as a team alongside everyone involved in a child’s life, including teachers, counselors, doctors, and other community providers.

Contact: For more information regarding this program and how you can access financial assistance for services, please contact the Daniel Admissions team at 296-1055 extension 2752, or via email at [email protected]. We accept most Medicaid managed care plans.

School-Based Behavioral Services

In partnership with the United Way Full Service Schools, the Jacksonville Kids Hope Alliance, and Duval County Public Schools, Daniel provides free, trauma-focused counseling services for school-aged youth struggling with behavioral issues. A dedicated team of highly-qualified therapists work at 60 designated school sites with children, families, and school personnel to identify and address the underlying causes of behaviors that affect a child’s ability to thrive in their respective communities.

Contact: For more information regarding behavioral services in your neighborhood, please contact the respective school guidance office. Click here to see list of schools

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment (Out-Patient)

Many adults face mental health and substance abuse problems that interfere with healthy daily functioning.  Our adult counseling programs help to identify and address these complex issues so that participants can live independent, resilient lives as productive members of the community. In addition to individual trauma-focused counseling, the program features the Phoenix Group, an effective group support and counseling program for adults suffering from both substance abuse and mental health issues. The program also offers psychiatric and medication management services. Participants are also assisted with obtaining SSI and disability benefits.

 Contact: For more information regarding the Adult Mental Health Programs, please contact the Daniel Admissions team at 296-1055 extension 2752, or via email at [email protected].

Parenting Education

Parenting does not come with a manual following childbirth! To promote positive, effective parenting skills, the agency offers a diverse array of workshops for families mandated by the court system. Our comprehensive parenting courses help parents learn more about their roles, what to expect and how to best prepare for each developmental phase of the child’s life, and how to establish a better, loving relationship with their children. The goal is for each parent to gain the motivation, confidence and knowledge to raise healthy, resilient, confident children. Courses include Circle of Security, Nurturing Parenting, Active Parenting, and Active Parenting with Teens. The program also provides supervised therapeutic visitation with children when required.

All courses combine one-on-one coaching with parent education. For the convenience of families, services are provided throughout the community. Please see the attached fact sheet for specific course descriptions.

 Contact: For more information regarding parenting education, please contact Shannon Cline at 296-1055 extension 2722, or via email at [email protected].