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Specialized Therapeutic Foster Care

All children need and deserve a stable, supportive environment. However, many children are unable to live with their biological families or reside in traditional foster care due to severe emotional or behavioral issues often stemming from prior neglect or abuse. Fortunately, Daniel’s Specialized Therapeutic Foster Care Program provides a safe and nurturing family-centered environment for these children to work through their issues.

Specially-trained and licensed foster families serve as the primary agents of change as they work closely with program therapists to model, teach, and help children practice new positive social behaviors in a supportive family setting. Daniel creates specific treatment plans customized to the needs of each child, then matches children with foster families based on each family’s ability to address a particular child’s goals. Daniel supports these children on their path to recovery with regularly scheduled home-based individual and family counseling. Children attend public schools and partake in recreational activities while in foster care to reinforce the social skills and problem solving strategies they are learning and to reduce the chances of requiring future therapeutic care.

Daniel also provides additional specialized training and ongoing support to the foster families to ensure they are fully-equipped to help with the child’s individual treatment and behavioral plan. Foster families have access to professionals 24/7 and can also arrange for respite care for their foster child when they need a break.

Who We Help: Children are referred to our program by leading foster care agencies throughout Florida. To participate in our program, referring agencies should review the eligibility requirements below, then contact us for more information.

Eligible children must:

  • Be between the ages of 5 and 17
  • Exhibit symptoms of emotional or mental health distress
  • Be unable to reside within their primary home or require additional care outside the boundaries of traditional foster care families

How YOU Can Help Too- Becoming a Specialized Therapeutic Foster Parent

Imagine giving one of the foster children a temporary, supportive home where he or she could heal. You can do it by becoming a Specialized Therapeutic Foster Parent. Although two-parent families typically work best for these children, there is no set “type” for a foster parent. You don’t have to be a certain age and you don’t have to own your own home. Child care and insurance is provided and you’ll even be paid a child support reimbursement to help you cover child-related expenses.

You just need a lot of heart and a little training. The emotional rewards you will receive from helping a child in need are immeasurable.

Daniel holds foster parent training programs at several intervals throughout the year in Jacksonville. The coursework includes subjects designed to equip parents with a knowledge and understanding of the foster children Daniel serves, as well as strategies to help them thrive.

Eligible foster parents must:

  • Be able to provide a stable, nurturing home environment
  • Have household income sufficient to meet current expenses
  • Be willing to be screened for disqualifying law violations
  • Own a reliable means of transportation with proof of insurance.
  • Complete a 30-hour foster parent preparation course and 30-hour therapeutic training course

Contact: For more information regarding this program or to find out how you can become a Specialized Therapeutic Foster Parent, please contact the Daniel Specialized Therapeutic Foster Care team at 904-683-2930 . Email at lturpin@danielkids.org

Court Ordered Foster Care

When children have been removed from the care of their families due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment — or are at risk for such removal — Daniel’s Case Management Organization can step in to help. In these unfortunate cases, Daniel can provide foster care guardianship, coordinate alternative placements with other family members or appropriate guardians, and supervise comprehensive in-home prevention services to oversee the improvement of each child’s personal and family situation.

Daniel’s Family Service Counselors begin by working closely with families to identify the issues in the home. They then develop an individualized case plan for the successful resolution of issues that are preventing a child from residing with their family in a stable and secure environment. Every individual case plan includes referrals to community partners for training and support services that address specific family problems including drug and substance abuse, financial instability, lack of employment and/or housing, lack of parenting, and domestic violence. The optimal goal is to reunify the child with his or her family once all issues have been resolved.

Who We Help: Children are referred to our program by the Department of Children and Families or Family Support Services (FSS). These children have already been removed from the care of their parents/guardians or are at-risk of being removed following allegations of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

Contact: For more information regarding this program, please contact the Daniel Foster Care team at 296-1055 extension 2366, or via email at tdecker@danielkids.org