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As social service programs across North America continue to grow, there is an increasing need for conferences aimed at helping these programs, and the professionals that operate them, increase their effectiveness. As a recognized leader in the child-service industry, Daniel Memorial hosts two national conferences — the Independent Living Conference and the Foster Care Conference. Both of these conferences offer a variety of seminars, general sessions, workshops, and exhibits, as well as networking opportunities, designed to help professionals enhance their skills and improve their programs.

Join hundreds of youth-serving professionals, advocates, and young people as we explore new information, innovations, and skills to strengthen our practice and professional development.

For conference inquiries, please contact: conferences@danielkids.org or 800-226-7612

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Daniel Memorial, Inc. has been approved for CEUs by the Florida Board of Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Master Social Worker, Provider # BAP 135.  Note:  It is your responsibility to contact your local licensing/certification board directly to determine CE eligibility and filing requirements in your state.