Ways to Volunteer

Looking for a way to get involved and help our kids? Consider becoming a volunteer. No matter what your skill set or how much time you have available, we’ll help you find a volunteer position that will impact a child’s life while enriching your own. Whether you want to lend your talents to a fund-raising event, organize game days with the kids, or work one-on-one with a child as his mentor, Daniel needs and appreciates your support.

Please review the wide variety of volunteer activities and the qualifying criteria and see what suits you best. If you didn’t see a volunteer opportunity that interested you or have something unique to offer, please contact us. We always welcome new ideas and volunteers! To further explore any volunteer opportunity, please contact us at volunteer@danielkids.org or 296-1055, extension 1038.

Group Activities

You can’t imagine how much your time and attention means to a child who has been abused or abandoned. Corporate, civic, school and religious groups can organize and manage a broad array of activities, including:

  • Sport and game days
  • Holiday parties
  • Craft days
  • Cooking lessons
  • Days of beauty
  • Bible studies
  • Martial arts instruction
  • Art Instruction
  • Dance instruction

The safety and comfort of our children are always our first priority, so screening is necessary for all our volunteers. For more information please contact us at volunteer@danielkids.org or 904-296-1055, Ext. 1038

Group of Volunteers

One on One

Countless studies have shown the life-changing impact a positive role model can have on a troubled youth. Your influence as a tutor can make the difference in a child’s success. Please review the description and the qualifications, then contact us at volunteer@danielkids.org or 296-1055, extension 1038 for more information.


Due to abuse, emotional trauma, or setbacks that come with moving from foster home to foster home, most of the children Daniel serves are at least two years behind their age-appropriate academic year. In as little as an hour or two a week, you can help these kids feel valued and help close the gap in their education.

Qualifying Criteria: To ensure the safety and comfort of our children in a one-on-one environment, tutors must complete our basic screening requirements as well as an additional background check, which includes a basic application, local/state FBI checks as well as DMV checks (when applicable). Because continuity is vital to many of the children you will be working with, there are also some minimum time investment requirements.

Volunteer Groups

Imagine belonging to a group where you can make great connections while making a big difference for kids in crisis. Daniel has several civic groups that were formed specifically to raise awareness and funds for Daniel. Please see if one of them fits your needs or if you’d like to launch another.

Volunteers Outdoors


Founded in 2002, Womenade is an organization that funds and delivers programs designed help the children of Daniel build important life and career skills and reward their achievement as they progress. The fund-raisers they hold support special programs and rewards for Daniel kids, including the Finding Your Future program, an annual Read-In and academic evenings out. Funds also help to purchase necessities such as winter coats and provide access to activities that are often outside the normal scope of the Daniel budget such as holiday celebrations. Womenade is unique in that members not only help to raise funds for the kids of Daniel, but also personally participate in the development and delivery of programs, serving as great role models to our children.

For more information please visit www.womenadejax.com or contact Judy Hicks via email at judy@judyhicks.com.

Civic, Religious and Social Organizations

Daniel regularly works with several organizations in the community focused on promoting volunteerism and giving back to our community. Some of our partner organizations include:

  • Professional Women’s Council
  • Junior League
  • Celebration Church

If you’re involved with one of these groups, please ask about joining their efforts to help Daniel. Or, if you would like to connect another organization with Daniel, we’d love to hear about it. Please contact us at volunteer@danielkids.org or 296-1055, extension 1038 to discuss your ideas.

Corporate Partnerships

Philanthropy is becoming more and more a part of the corporate culture. Does your company need a great cause to support? Daniel’s existing corporate partnerships help our kids in a variety of ways, including hosting supply drives and fund-raisers, as well as spending time directly with the children at activity days or parties. The following is a list of companies we regularly work with:

  • UPS
  • Citi
  • The Hyatt
  • The Players Championship 

If you are affiliated with any of these groups already, please contact us or your corporate human resource specialist to see how you can get involved. We also always welcome new corporate affiliations. For more information, please contact at volunteer@danielkids.org or 296-1055, extension 1038.

School Affiliations

There is nothing better than kids helping kids! High schools and colleges are increasingly requiring community service and Daniel would love to be the recipient of any student efforts. Episcopal High School and Julington Creek Elementary students have served Daniel youth for years with clothing and gift drives and a wonderful summer day camp for our kids.

Holiday and Seasonal Drives

Daniel has multiple drives throughout the year that offer varied opportunities for individuals and corporate, civic and religious groups to volunteer. Whether you’d like to launch a corporate canned food collection program, assemble baskets, or deliver items to our children and families in need, we need your help. Please let us know which of the following drives interest you:

Back-to-school supply drive
Easter baskets
Thanksgiving food baskets
Christmas food baskets
Christmas wish lists
Whether you prefer product drives and fund-raising, or direct interaction with kids, please contact us at volunteer@danielkids.org or 296-1055, extension 1038 for more information.