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Support Daniel through Board Membership

Since 1884, Daniel has relied on dedicated community leaders with empathetic hearts to lend their support and commitment to the oldest child-serving agency in the state through board membership. A friend or business associate of yours clearly feels that you could contribute much to Daniel’s board of trustees. In hopes that you will join us in our mission to improve the lives of children and families, we’ve outlined the commitment board membership requires and the process of becoming a trustee of our board.

Board Membership Requirements

Elected members of Daniel’s board of trustees are asked to serve a minimum of a three-year term, during which time they will support Daniel with their time, talent and treasure.

Time – The board of trustees typically meets six times a year, with meetings scheduled at least a year in advance to ensure maximum participation. We request that trustees attend all meetings, but require attendance at four. These meetings provide opportunities for trustees to gain in-depth knowledge of Daniel, work with its leadership on the agency’s development program and achieve Daniel’s objectives.  Additionally, we achieve a great deal through our committees.  We would ask that you would participate on one of the established committees.

Talent – Trustees are invited to join the board because their skills and passion for the cause are ideal for leading and enhancing Daniel directly, as well as enlisting other members of the community to help Daniel through their gift support. Each trustee will serve on one of the five standing committees, according to his/her special skills or interests. The current committees are Trusteeship, Audit and Finance, Development (including special events), Programs, and Properties.

Treasure- All trustees are expected to support Daniel through membership in the 1884 Club with a minimum annual unrestricted contribution of $2,500.  We ask that trustees assist the agency in meeting fundraising goals by making his or her own gift as generous as possible and participating in annual fundraising efforts, according to his or her ability.  Trustees are expected to be ambassadors for Daniel and engage their friends, family, and business associates who may also share the passion of caring for children.

Next Steps and Board Membership

The first step to becoming a Daniel board of trustee is the one that has already occurred- being identified as a great candidate!  If you are interested or want to learn more, you will be contacted by a trustee who will serve as your sponsor.  Once you review this introductory packet, feel free to ask him or her other pertinent questions you have about Daniel. Then you can determine whether you would indeed like to become part of the Daniel family through board service.

The next steps are completing a few standard forms the State requires of child-serving agencies.  After these requirements are completed, your application and information will be given to the Trusteeship Committee for approval and recommendation to the full board when you will formally be nominated and voted on for board membership.  It is our sincere desire that you will consider joining the Daniel family and help us improve the lives of children and families in our community!