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*name changed for privacy

From Abandoned to Adopted

Andrew* may be young, but like many Daniel kids, he has already overcome so much.

A year ago, his sibling died next to his mother in bed while she was under the influence of drugs. She went to a substance abuse facility after the tragedy but abandoned Andrew soon thereafter.

Daniel Kids assisted in placing Andrew with a foster family that helped him thrive. His foster family, the Stallards, have now adopted Andrew and are excited to nurture him as part of their new family of five.

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Father and Son are all Smiles

Case management assists in family success

Five-year-old Johnny* entered kindergarten on the first day of school this year much like any other kid, a little nervous with a parent in tow. Just a year before, his life had been in chaos as his mother and father tried to beat heroin addiction. During his short life, he had been removed twice from their care because of dangerous conditions and neglect. While his father, William*, struggled to stop using to regain custody, his mother fell deeper and deeper into a life of drugs. Severe depression resulted in repeated threats to kill both herself and Johnny and she refused to take the necessary steps to get her son back.

William knew that he was Johnny’s only hope. With the help of the Daniel case management team, he completed a reunification case plan that included sobriety and parenting classes. Because of his passion and diligence to make a good life for his son, they are now happily reunited. During the process, William met his now fiancé Lisa*, who recently gave birth to baby brother for Johnny! The family reports that they are happier than they have ever been!

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Foster Care

14 year-old Raquel* came to Therapeutic Foster Care Program after being abandoned by her biological mother at age 3, and enduring a lengthy history of physical and emotional abuse from her biological father.

At time of admission to the program, she was sleeping all of the time, refusing to bathe, and would isolate herself in her room any chance she got. She also refused to engage with her therapist or talk about her history of abuse.

After being in the program for just 2 months, Raquel is practicing age-appropriate hygiene, is no longer sleeping all of the time, and is participating in activities with her treatment family. Raquel has begun the healing process.

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Mental Health

Brad*, a 13-year-old young man, was admitted to Daniel Kids Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program (SIPP) in early March 2018. Brad had a long history of extreme physical aggression and violent behavior towards others, especially his parents.

After arriving at Daniel Kids, Brad worked hard, and with the help of a team of caring professionals, he was discharged home at the end of June was. 

Since then, Brad’s been working very hard on his coping skills and anger management and is now able to decrease his verbal and physical aggression and make safe choices. Brad is doing a great job using his new skills at home and school. He not only made new friends, he’s even made the football team.

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Independent Living

Independent Living

Project Prepare is Daniel Kids’ program for homeless youth. We strive to help young men and women transition from a state of homelessness to one of stability and productivity. As these young people enter the program, we provide them with stable housing, either in our 12-unit apartment building or with families in the community.

Kristian*, now 23, successfully completed Project Prepare in 2017. He works at Mayo Clinic, and we are pleased to share the news that he received a promotion from Mid Markets to National Accounts. He has a Bachelors degree from UNF in Health Administration, owns his own home and is happily married. Because of donors like you, Kristian had the opportunity to achieve his goals.

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