Countless studies have shown the life-changing impact a positive role model can have on a troubled youth. Your influence as a tutor can make the difference in a child’s success. Please review the description and the qualifications, then contact us at or 296-1055, extension 1033 for more information.



Due to abuse, emotional trauma, or setbacks that come with moving from foster home to foster home, most of the children Daniel serves are at least two years behind their age-appropriate academic year. In as little as an hour or two a week, you can help these kids feel valued and help close the gap in their education.

Qualifying Criteria: To ensure the safety and comfort of our children in a one-on-one environment, tutors must complete our basic screening requirements as well as an additional background check, which includes a basic application, local/state FBI checks well as DMV checks (when applicable). Because continuity is vital to many of the children you will be working with, there are also some minimum time investment requirements.


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