Daniel serves nearly 2,000 children and their families every day through a variety of innovative and nationally-recognized programs. Daniel offers an array of quality, efficient and effective mental health, social services and educational programs aimed at enhancing the lives of children and families in our community. Examples of these programs include: therapeutic foster homes for abused children, independent living services for homeless youth and educational services for children who have emotional and/or behavioral issues. Daniel offers a quality continuum of care that helps meet the needs of children and families in the local community. 

Here is a sampling of the types of help we provide to community kids and families:

  • In cases where children have severe emotional problems, often caused by abuse or neglect, our on-campus counseling and support services provide round-the-clock treatment.  
  • We treat many other children and families on an outpatient basis as well as provide therapeutic/behavioral strategy services within community schools.  
  • Daniel works regularly with foster children, connecting kids in crisis with specially-trained temporary families.
  • Daniel also facilitates adoptions.  In fact, Daniel responds to some 14,000 adoption related inquiries every year.
  • Daniel even aids other child-services agencies across the country with educational products and conferences based on its successful programs.


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