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Tuesday, August 29 (10:00a-3:00p)



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Understanding Common Mental Health Diagnosis, Changes in the DSM V and Treatment: Mental Health 101

Mental Health, diagnoses and treatment continue to be a mystery for most of us while also sounding like some version of alphabet soup complicated by acronyms. Come be a part of an informative training with a therapist who will break down the stigma, stereotypes and clarify the world of mental health. The more you know the better off you will be to advocate for your child. Feel free to bring lots of questions!



Developing a Comprehensive Transition System of Care for Older Youth

Spend a day with one of the highly respected veterans in the field of independent living. Learn how to develop a continuum of successful independent living services from pre-independent living preparation for foster youth to a variety of living arrangement options for teens going out on their own. Mark Kroner has been passionately involved in the Independent and Transitional Living fields for over 30 years as a 21 year program director, life skills trainer, national advocate, researcher and consultant. He has trained thousands of professionals nationwide and will share his ideas on training, housing, funding, permanency outcomes and getting the whole system involved. If you are starting an independent living program or are looking for ways to enhance your existing program, then this institute is for you.



Black Belt Communication: The Next Level

This training identifies passive, passive/aggressive and aggressive communication styles. It explores the dysfunctional dance between them where any communication imbalance destroys relationships. Black belt communication is designed to help participants gain skill and balance in listening more open-heartedly and speaking more assertively.



How To Create A Culture of Leadership

Learn to apply leadership skills on a daily basis at home, school, work, with peers and in other community settings. Prepare for independence being fully equipped to take the lead in your own life, as well as demonstrate abilities that empower others you influence.





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