Daniel Kids

Respite Program

Daniel’s Respite program is a short term, typically 2 week program, that offers a break to families and their youth who are experiencing stressors, family conflict or other situations that may require a stay in our respite home before returning to their home. This program was created in partnership with LSF health systems. Youth who attend the Respite program reside in a home style cottage situated on 10 wooded acres that include a swimming pool, basketball court, and field space for active outside play. These youth attend their home school and remain active in community activities during their stay. Youth participate in group therapy weekly to address topics such as coping skills, problem solving, social skills and conflict resolution.

Parents remain involved with their youth by participating in weekly family night, in which they are able to share a meal and visit with their child, as well as participate in a parent group to receive support, information and resources from a therapist. Youth also remain open to all mental health services they are currently receiving. Parents pick their youth up to ensure they are attending any mental health and medical appointments that are occurring during their stay. With parents permission youth may continue to receive services from community providers, such as in home therapists/behaviorists, mentors, and life coaches.

Contact: For more information regarding this program and how you can obtain help for a child, please contact the Daniel Admissions team at 296-1055 extension 2340, or via email at admissions@danielkids.org.