Florida's Independent Living Resource Center





Florida’s Independent Living Resource Center opened in 2016. It was created to serve as an information clearinghouse to address all areas of Independent Living in Florida. As a free service, the I.L. Center provides information and referral services to youth, adoptive parents, former foster youth, teachers, mentors and social services professionals. The center also provides bi-annual statewide training opportunities for Independent Living professionals.


Florida’s Independent Living Program Overview

The Independent Living Program provides services to youth in foster care and young adults who were formerly in foster care. The objective of the program is to assist you with obtaining the life skills and education necessary to become self-sufficient, live independently and maintain employment. The services include life skills training and financial, educational and social support. Examples of such services are parenting classes, career counseling, therapy and psychological counseling and assistance with time management and organization. Your community based care agency (CBC) caseworker is responsible for informing you about all of the independent living services, including the PESS  aftercare and transitional funds and services.



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